Project Partners

The project consortium is composed of partners from European countries: Finland, Italy, France, Luxembourg and Iceland; and with complementary profiles: Higher Education Institution, vocational training center, non-profit organisation and private companies.


The University of Turku (UTU) is a multidisciplinary scientific university. Expertise of seven faculties ranges from humanities to natural sciences and business. The University of Turku is one of the leading research universities in Finland offering research and study opportunities in seven faculties. UTU has 20.000 students, including 2.000 international students from over 100 different countries, and approximately 3.000 graduates each year.


EURO-NET is a non-profit organization active in European programs and international level  partnerships.  It provides to children, youth and adults:
– information center and project development;
– organization of training courses, cultural, artistic or sports exchanges and activities; sector studies and research;
– counseling, crisis support and prevention;
– e-learning, networking and partnerships;
– publications, newspapers and websites.

EURO-NET is member or associated member of 57 international networks among which 5 are EU networks: EUROPE DIRECT, EUROGUIDANCE, EURODESK, SOLVIT and EBN-EUROPEAN BUSINESS & INNOVATION CENTRE NETWORK. It has realized more than 400 European projects.


Art Square Lab is the first service design agency based in Luxembourg, established in 2017. We focus on service innovation using human-centred design, that helps us create exceptional digital and physical customer experiences to transform your business.
We are specialists in customer experience using creativity to help clients in public and private sectors to understand their user, create great value proposition, prototype and test the solution of online and offline services.


Initially it was aimed to the creation of video games, then Succubus Interactive created its first serious games in 2002, unintentionally becoming the pioneer company in the sector in Europe. Since then, the studio has specialized in the creation of serious games, business applications and Free-to-Play games.

The company currently employs around 15 people, supervised by veterans of the video game industry.
With more than 100 games and serious games to its credit in many sectors, Succubus Interactive has demonstrated the know-how of its teams to adapt and deliver on time diversified and ever more ambitious products. The added value of the company is based on its mastery of graphic programming, game design, educational design and the production chain allowing it to offer its customers quality services at controlled costs.


Miðstöð símenntunar á Suðurnesjum (MSS) is a self-owned educational institution operated in the southwest of Iceland. It was founded in 1997 by the local communities, the labor unions, the Sudurnes Comprehensive College, key companies and the National Workers/Educational Association in Iceland. Today there are 19 staff members, around 2.000 students and around 600 immigrants. The main objective of MSS is to promote and assist in adult education in the community, with special attention to the increase of continuing education, increased personal skills and qualifications, as well as promoting general well being of the population. The institution cooperates with schools at university level, private schools, specialized schools and individual instructors. The organization provides diverse courses, vocational training, study and career guidance and recognition of both non-formal and informal learning.

Official Stakeholders

Official stakeholders e.g. receive regular information on the progress of the project and are invited to attend, when possible, stakeholders’ meetings. Official stakeholders sign the Letter of Interest to officialise their involvement but has no financial or legal obligations connected to it.

Currently the project counts six official stakeholders, two from Finland, one from Luxembourg and one from Italy. If you wish to become an official stakeholder, please contact us.


MiTale is a game development company from Finland, with a huge passion for interactive storytelling and serious games. The team of experienced developers from the gaming industry wish to combine high quality Finnish education with mixed reality solutions.


HUB Turku is a downtown co-working space with the aim to continuously develop an innovative space where entrepreneurs, freelancers, students and organisations can work together, network and be inspired. A working space where action, creativity and fun are cornerstones and part of shaping new ways of working.


The School of Business and Management (ECG) is a unique school in Luxembourg for its educational offer and its high skills in the economic and social field. It is constantly evolving and has a wealth of experience of almost 50 years, including more than 25 years in higher education. Open to the economic world, the ECG is both a place for acquiring knowledge and skills, but also a place for learning civic responsibilities and developing personality.


Hivemind Ltd. is an advisory agency specializing in supporting innovation, R&D and internationalization. Hivemind provides:

– strategic development training and advisory on innovation, internationalization, growth and digitalization;
– R&D, internationalization, innovation and investment project support;
– market and technology research services.

e-learning for 2035.

E-learning for 2035 is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme and aims at helping adult educators to develop their competencies through the following activities: 1) creating a foresight report on adult education in 2035, 2) developing an e-course about future competencies, 3) promoting, facilitating, and guiding increased cooperation between education providers, 4) supporting the development of adult educators’ competencies.

Project partners: Educraftor (FI), L.C.Educational (CY), Ljudska Univerza Jesenice (SI), Sintagmi (IT) and Vestifex Adult Learning Centre (EE, coordinator).


STUDIODOMINO is a VET provider active both in Vocational training and in master courses recognised by the Regional Government of Basilicata, Italy.