The most important result of the CDTMOOC project is the MOOC that the project partners contributed to create.

During the course (MOOC), the learner studies about the Creative Problem-Solving, Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design methodologies, which are vital in Entrepreneurship today. The course integrates the application of game design elements. The learner experiences these approaches in current social contexts related to European cultural heritage, Social entrepreneurship, Glocal development, and experimentation in Fablabs and co-working spaces.

The course is intended for learners who want to enrich and update their practical competences. During the course, the learner will go through an interactive story presenting how to employ these methodologies,  and giving some tasks for the learners. They will get a grasp of approaches useful for adapting to today’s dynamic entrepreneurial environment.

After the course, the learner is able to use Human-Centred Design to concentrate on the user perspective of product and service development. In practice, it means that the learner will leverage Creative Problem-solving to generate novel and original solutions to problems; adopt the Design Thinking method to collect evidence about the users, interpret and test ideas creatively and effectively, and detect and select the right ones for prototyping.

Upon the completion of the course, the learner is entitled to receive a digital badge of their studies on this course.

ACCESS THE COURSE HERE: Notice: If you are a student and can use HAKA login, you can login with it. Otherwise, you can use Google to login. If you have any problems accessing the course, send an email with you question to tuoran [at], we are happy to help you forward.